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++ World Economic Forum (WEF)

FUDish INTRO: If you don't know who this organization is or that the extremely select few chosen members are only chosen if able to meet a long list of criteria, one of which is being in the uppermost echelon of wealth. In 2018, the group was estimated of having an accumulated net worth of ~500 billion dollars. Consisting of less than 4000 people overall yet whom possess and own 97% of the fortune assets on earth. Sounds like enough financial gluttony to turn the purest of intentions instantaneously demonic. Unmeasurable family fortunes which can't be ranked on some Forbes 500 list, as we break our asses and struggle to live paycheck to paycheck for most of our lives just to be barely afloat. Most people can't get by for 3 months on what they currently have saved let alone the car gets a flat and the dog has to go to the vet...

Since these people are doubtfully planning on which color heir next pair of Nike Airmax & doubtfully gearing up to bicker over a few Square footage concerning the max capacity of the tanning deck on their next Yacht they're having built.
Simply put, these 3-4000 people not only believe themselves capable, act as though they are obligated and make it sound like they have been called upon to do us this favor for us - to take lead and determine what is in the best interest for the rest of us who make up the other 8 billion humans on 🌎 like they are swooping in just in time to save us from financial ruin.. Bitch most of us wouldn't even notice the difference, that ruin you speak of we call getting the fuck by just fine if you greedy bastards didn't keep taking more and more from the little bit we do have.
Like what is the fuckin difference (such as 100B and 105B) after a certain point? The point is its never enough, requiring more no matter the cost, that is the point. These are the same people making claims of over population & who feel we are the ones responsible for consuming the remaining scarce labeled abundance of natural resources here on earth - thus have needlessly begun thinning the masses with covid and other lab created bullshit so they, and I quote, "take advantage of the perfect opportunity to implement the great reset, requiring that it be of the utmost importance and highest priority to ensure to make the most beneficial outcome from an otherwise inconvenient catastrophe". Never once sorry for the lives lost during.
Clearly covid is something every evil genius should consider a necessary expense. They decide they would and still have their plans publicly posted on their company website, since new world order & halocaust sounded far too unoriginal. This newly re-proposed one of a kind, carefully & well-devised bulletproof idea is a work of such absolute genius, they decided to simply title it - "The Great Reset". Scarier than the name is the marketing materials printed which are posters advertising hot new catchphrase slogans & in your fucking face spiteful mockery which create such an enthusiasmn for our new highly anticipated futures, "You will own nothing & you will be happy."
500 billion 💸 is far beyond more powerful than any person could ever imagine having. It could fix most suffering from hunger from poverty. Provide everything we all need and or want. It can also create terminal illness, chemicals that evaporate entire cities, radiation, atomic Bombs, famine, starvation, hatred, racism, slaughter nations through war, hysteria, panic, trauma, addiction, chaos, anarchy, and even spare a little extra to ensure that 2 aircraft fly straight into each of the World Trade Center towers & then afford to fund both sides of a losing 15-year long pointless war all in the hopes of taking control of the central bank in Iraq.
They plan to reset the world economy on a global scale, one power, one rule, one currency, all they want is full access and the world's cooperation. Scary as fuck but not exactly very farfetched when you look back at history... #ENDRANT


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World Economic Forum = 🗿Greyscale

They are also heavily involved in most of the FUD and pay for the ad revenue for those Shilluminati Streamers to produce and hype a top video as long as it generates enough emotion in the wrong direction. Heavily involved with coinbase and many other big companies in the crypto space & news coverage sources. Ever wonder why Binance is undergoing go much scrutiny? They are the #1 exchange and are clearly outside of this elite controlled shitstorm. Which is why certain upgrades are being promoted and taking much longer than anticipated to release. Which is the reason behind the outrageous price predictions followed up by some half decent looking charts to make people jump into a trade just to watch it go the opposite direction. This random 40k bitcoin out of nowhere which closed almost 1B in open shorts and will probably wait it out until enough longs are opened to drop it like it's hot.. They are behind it all.. Truthfully, the most hype surrounds BTC and therefore feel that it won't remain number one when the handful of whales jump ship to Defi and possibly go all in on NFT.


... Published this newsletter to introduce crypto assets which explain in significant detail as well as outline 6 what almost appear to be randomized, yet more probable, more likely strategically well-rounded yet very specific assests chosen & listed in this set - out of all possible coins, tokens, protocols, ledgers, smart contracts & or NFT, etc.. Perhaps they will all come together in order to create an some hidden asset which Greyscale hasn't revealed.

Perhaps the bitcoin, shib and doge hype are only a smoke screen to keep the focus away from these possibly more heavily favored assets? Remember, they were outlined on WEF website not the Greyscale website. Or perhaps they will just unplug our dreams of being propelled to the moon for being a Turdcoin Tuck'n, big dick of the blockchain & self proclaimed "Slumdog Shillionaire", & power down those once bear hearted beloved bit blocks and bounce the fuck out?

Info is legit, perhaps not as legit as my delivery telling the story - if it sounds extra dumb I'm extra tired.. May it bring a quick laugh & winning trade your way!! -FUD MASTER FLEX

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